May 24, 2024

About Nikkyo Yards

NIKKYO’s private motor pool, located in Ibaraki, Japan, measures over 60,000 square meters and can handle over 3,000 vehicles at any given time. Our yard is equipped with the following facilities:

  1. Storage capacity up to 3,000 vehicles
  2. Full service mechanical workshop
  3. Full service paint & body shop
  4. Full service parts department
  5. Photo studio
  6. Washing facility
  7. Container terminals

NK-1: Domestic Sales Department – Family Cars

Known as NK-ONE, we sell a wide range of vehicles to domestic Japanese customers ranging from luxury type to low-priced vehicles. If a customer can not find what they need among our stock, we can look for a vehicle according to their request. In addition, we are fully equipped with our own repair factory. Here we can exchange parts or install new ones. We can also customize cars to meet the needs of the customer.

NK-2: Overseas Department

Here we provide inspection and maintenance of vehicles for export. This includes dent and scratch repair, part modification, paint work, oil change, navigation system installation and overall cleaning etc. We also stock a large number of vehicles at all times. High-priced vehicles are stocked under roofed outdoor parking. We are the base for many other overseas yards, where can prepare all of our export vehicles for shipping.

NK-3: Heavy Machinery Department

At our construction machinery department, we mainly sell forklifts and sometimes other heavy machinery. We supply Japanese brand forklifts to both domestic and overseas customers. Here we also stock large vehicles (trucks, busses), and many SUVs such as AWD cars and occasionally luxury cars. Here we supply vehicles according to various overseas markets in countries such as Turkey, Jamaica, the Caribbean and South America. The stock for these markets is always in excess of 300 vehicles.

NK-4: Domestic Parts/ Dismantling Department

We supply parts that need repair or replacement for vehicles purchased from NIKKYO. Here we can supply CKD (complete knock down) services for South America and Southeast Asia. We also dismantle vehicles according to our customer’s request. Here we dissemble parts and can do container vanning in our yard. Providing this service has always been very convenient for our customers.

NK-5: Stockyard for Domestic Sales Department

There is the vehicle stock yard especially for our Japanese domestic market. This yard is in constant supply with the number of vehicles in excess of 100

NK-6: Domestic Auto Repair and Maintenance

At this garage we bring used cars up to standard in accordance with domestic Japanese laws. After a complete inspection the vehicles undergo maintenance until they are government approved and roadworthy. Customers in Japan can purchase their vehicle with confidence from NIKKYO.

NK-7: Domestic Sales Department – Kei Cars

In recent years, we have set up a car shop dedicated to Kei cars due to increased demand for cars for business or commercial use. It is a car shop that can provide a wide variety of small cars tailored to the customer’s needs.

NK-8: Stockyard for Overseas Markets

We supply vehicles to markets in places such as Canada , New Zealand, South America and Africa. The number of stocked vehicles is approximately 500 units or more. We receive and ship various vehicles every single day.

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