May 24, 2024

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Used European Car

Difference Between European and Japanese Brakes. European cars and Japanese cars have different ways of thinking from the design stage because of the assumptions of the manufacturer’s usage conditions. To put it simply, the brake pads or both the brake pads and the rotor of the brakes are mainly reduced in order to convert the vehicle’s kinetic energy into thermal energy and physically decelerate the vehicle. Since there are various conditions, it will be as follows in the table.

Points to check when checking European cars (mainly German cars)

Dirty condition of the front wheel
– For the above reasons, it tends to be more dirty than Japanese cars. 
– There may have been little maintenance.

Wave of brake disc surface
– In severe cases, replacement is expensive.

Reduction of brake disc
– Look at the steps on the outer edge visually.
– If it is bad, it is expensive to replace