June 18, 2021

Toyota Launches New Model RAV4 PHEV

By Uditha Janaka

Since its debut in 1994, RAV4 has pioneered the crossover SUV market, and remains the market leader. The fifth generation*5 RAV4 was released in April 2019. It has been popular with many customers, thanks to the superior driving performance delivered by three types of 4WD system, including Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD; design which fuses refinement with SUV-like power; spacious luggage storage; and an interior designed for convenience, making it suited to diverse situations.

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Isuzu Bellett

JDM classics Vol.1 Isuzu Bellett GT, GTR The Isuzu Bellett is a subcompact car produced by Isuzu between 1963 to 1973. The Isuzu Bellett was available as a 4-door sedan, a coupe or a fastback coupe. Nowadays, Isuzu Motor is well known as Japanese commercial vehicle and diesel engine manufacturing …

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Hello Everyone!! My name is TANAKA who is a manager for Caribbean team in Nikkyo cars. Recently I had a chance to drive this NEW MODEL in Yokohama Japan.MY2020 Rolls Royce CULLINAN Black Badge. The price will be over 400,000 USD + Different factory options.If you are interested to buy one please …

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Autos deportivos japoneses – La lellenda del clasico japones Skyline GTR vs Supra 80 Antes y Despues

By Ramos Shimabuku

La gente que nacio en esta generacion tenia anhelo a estos autos , en especial por el Skyline GT-R por que este modelo no fue exportado oficialmente por la marca NISSAN a Estados Unidos y era un auto que nadie tenia. Para tener uno tenia que traer del extranjero para importalo y eso es algo que nadie puede aserlo facil, por que los costos se elevan mucho y combiene mas comprar un auto del mercado domestico y con garantia. Digamos el supra 80 si fue importado oficialmente por la marca de la TOYOTA y era unos de los mejores autos para tunear en esa epoca.

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History of the automobile

By Jaden El Kadiri

The history of the automobile industry is rich and winding, and it may be difficult to trace accurately, but the first appearance of cars dates back to the fifteenth century AD; When Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton presented designs and sketches for cars, then; Inventors began many experiments with the automobile industry, which diversified its working methods and forms.

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