April 21, 2024

Pro Tips for the Perfect Car Photos

Photographing the car for your listing is an important part of the sales process. These photographs will give buyers their first impression of the car.

Like anything you’re selling, you need photos to show off your car in the best possible way. Check out this comprehensive guide to to help you do this. Photoshoot Guidelines

The best shots for showing off your car are:

  • From the front – stand out to one side so you get the front and the length of the car, to maximise how much of it you can fit in the photo.
  • From the back – again, stand out to one side and take a shot of the back and down the length of the car.
  • Side on – getting in all tyres and panelling.
  • Stand outside and photograph the interior through an open window/door.
  • Dashboard – show the odometer reading and any alert lights that may come on.
  • With the hood of the car open, showing off the engine.
  • Any service papers or licencing that you would like to include.

Other photo taking tips include:

  • Take photos in front of a plain background, e.g. a neutral wall – ideally, one that is lighter in colour than the car so it stands out.
  • The best time of day to take photos is a couple of moments before the sun is either rising or setting. This way the light isn’t too harsh against the car paint.
  • Hold your camera low to the ground, about the height of the bonnet.
  • Photograph any outstanding features close-up.

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Article Written By Daniel Wise © 2020-02-03