May 24, 2024

Different Types of Wheels

What Kind of Car Wheels Do You See in the City? If you are not a car enthusiast, it will be difficult to identify wheels type of a vehicle running in the city, but there are two main types of vehicle wheels. The answer is simple. Is it iron or otherwise? Most of the “others” are made of aluminum. What we call as ALLOYS. it is like a framework that attaches tires to the vehicle that support the weight of the vehicle and transmit the engine power to the road surface. Iron ones are cheaper to manufacture and are mounted on reasonable vehicles. The design of iron wheels are almost the same due to strength and cost. Instead of that, the appearance is not so good, so car manufactures attached a hub cap which looks like alloys to make it looks better. If you look closely at the functionality, the aluminum wheels are better, but considering the cost, it is probably the manufacturer’s judgment that steel is enough.

Reasons to Change the Wheel. The biggest reason you want to change the wheel is that you want a better look. To say simply, changing from iron wheel to alloys makes it look cool. The benefits after replacement include improved suspension movement and improved heat dissipation from the brakes, but unless you are racing, you can’t tell the difference.

Wheel Size and Tire Size. If you change wheels from factory size to bigger alloys, appearance of your car must be better. Looking at a car from the side, you will notice that the tires are getting thinner. Yes, outer side of the tire can not be bigger. Because over size tires may hit the parts such as the outer guard and suspension parts. At worst case. The only way to make the wheels bigger is to make the tires thinner. This is called flatness, and the flatness of the tire size that can be installed must be examined and changed. If you fit in this, there is no doubt that you will be complimented with the numbers. Also, the big problem is that the thinner the tire makes tire price expensive. For more detail about the size and number regarding alloys, we’ll look at that at another opportunity.

Article Written By HIRUTA YUKI © 2019-12-13