April 22, 2024

Your Phone Will Be Able to Unlock Your Car Even After the Battery Runs Out! How?

With all modern cars turning to smart and electronic keys, traditional keys have become a thing of the past, but these modern keys seem to be about to become even smarter …

This is because the Car Connectivity Consortium has approved new standards for the next generation of electronic car key technology, and will allow you to unlock the car even if your phone is off!

The new standard for digital vehicle keys comes under the name of version 2.0, where it is expected to complete the agreement on the specifications of the new standard at the end of the year 2020 to be appropriate for companies to adopt on a large scale.

This new generation of electronic key protocol uses NFC technology that stands for “Near-field communication”, and it uses a special security chip present in smartphones that operate completely separately from the operating system, which provides several features that include an improved higher security level and the ability to use the key E-mail of the car even when the battery is so low that the phone cannot be turned on, allowing drivers to completely give up the real car keys operating remotely so that they can fully rely on their phones.

NFC is an international communications standard for short-range wireless data exchange. Data transfer begins automatically when an NFC-capable device is held close to another device. The Digital Vehicle Key transfers the authorization to drive the vehicle to a secured and encrypted chip in the phone or sticker. This can then be used as a car key. The Digital Vehicle Key Sticker is also available for a number of car lines in conjunction with digital vehicle key for smartphone.

The International Federation of Automotive Communication Technologies is also currently working on laying the foundations of version 3.0 of the protocol associated with the use of Bluetooth low-energy waves and wide coverage, which means that this third generation will allow owners to walk towards their cars so that the doors are opened for them automatically without the need to take out their phones.

This has not been announced that cars and phones that support this technology will start appearing in the markets, but the International Federation for Automotive Communication Technologies includes more than 100 members, including all kinds of car companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and Volkswagen, in addition to major technology companies such as Apple, Google, Qualcomm and Samsung.

Article Written By Jaden El Kadiri © 2020-01-15