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History of the automobile

Louis Renault with his first car

A car is a means of transporting passengers that depend on the presence of an engine that works by the interaction of an electric spark with fuel, which gives it the ability to generate kinetic energy to move from one place to another. Cars are among the most popular and widely used modes of transportation among people, so many professions are closely related to them, such as taxis that depend on the passenger paying a sum of money to the driver when connecting to the place he wants to go to.

Where was the first car in the world made?
The history of the automobile industry is rich and winding, and it may be difficult to trace accurately, but the first appearance of cars dates back to the fifteenth century AD; When Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton presented designs and sketches for cars, then; Inventors began many experiments with the automobile industry, which diversified its working methods and forms. The first real car with a steam engine was manufactured in 1769 AD by inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in France in Arsenal Paris, and the three-wheel car was self-working without external assistance; It was made for the French army.

The first electric car appeared in the nineteenth century AD in Scotland; Where inventor Robert Anderson created a car powered by an electric motor between the years 1832-1839 AD, and later the idea of ​​engines powered by fuel appeared, and the German inventor Karl Friedrich Benz worked on making the first car with a motor that works by supplying him with gasoline in Germany between the years 1885-1886 AD It was three-speed. After Benz, inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach built the first four-wheel-drive and diesel engine in Germany in 1886 AD, and the engine was named Cannstatt-Daimler.

Cars have evolved over time

The automotive industry went through a number of stages before it reached the shape we know today, and the following is a review of the stages of the development of the auto industry over time:

Steam car

The idea of ​​steam cars appeared at the hands of the French inventor Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in 1769 A.D. Every 10-15 minutes to recycle the steam in its engine, and after a year, Cugnot built a steam car that can seat four people. After that, the inventors continued to build electric cars in several countries, including: The United States of America, and Great Britain; In the U.S.A, Oliver Evans was given the first patent for a steam car in 1789 AD, and in Britain, Richard Trevithick built the first steam-powered vehicle in 1801 AD.

Electric Motor car

Caption: Odawara Electric Railway Motors car

Electric motor cars began to emerge after the Hungarian invention of Anyos Jedlick model of a small car powered by electricity in 1828 AD, and between the years 1832-1839 AD, Scottish inventor Robert Anderson built a real car driven by an electric motor, and in 1842 AD cars were built with a renewed motor – but not rechargeable – by Thomas Davenport and Robert Davidson, in 1865; French Gaston Planté built a car with a better battery; Where I took the batteries after improvement. In the beginning of the nineteenth century, Great Britain and France began to support the electric motor car industry, and in 1895 CE America began to support electric motor cars as well, and in 1897 AD actual electric cars began to be used in New York City as a fleet of taxis.

Mr and Mrs Henry Ford in his first car
The fuel car
Spyker 60 HP (1903)

The actual application of cars powered by fuel engines started by Karl Benz in 1885 AD, and they were of high specifications compared to the cars that were present at the time; Where the car was a high-speed, and its engine has one cylinder and installed horizontally in the back of the car, and its steel frame is made of steel, and consisted of two seats and three calves attached to wires. After Benz, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach built a four-wheel-drive vehicle powered by a fuel engine, and they were leaders in the auto industry in the United States of America.

Car boom

The auto industry thrived after the invention of the fuel-powered engines, and the manufacturers began buying engines from Benz and Daimler to build modern cars, and René Panhard and Emil Levasseur were the first to establish a car manufacturer; Where they built the first car in 1890 AD using a Daimler engine, and made great changes to it, such as the transmission of the engine to the front of the car and the use of the rear-wheel drive system, and shared the rights of the Daimler engine with Armand Peugeot in France.

In the United States of America, the brothers Charles and Frank, Charles Duryea and Frank Duryea periodically established the first fuel-powered carmaker in 1893AD, sold 13 cars until 1896AD, but they were very expensive, and continued production until the 1920s, followed by Ransom Eli Olds who was He had a long experience in the manufacture of steam engines and those that run on fuel, and he established a company for the auto industry in 1901, and his company was the pioneer in the automotive industry in America between 1901 – 1904 AD, then Henry Ford entered the automotive industry, and established a new manufacturing line for cars in 1903 AD; Where he was selling cars of his own design.

The modern car

The modern cars we use today have developed very significantly. This is because of the great industrial development that has entered the automotive industry, which has become better designs and more space, as technology and smart systems have entered into its industry; Where modern cars have touch screens, the ability to work with voice commands, and mobile phone connectivity to the car system; Thus controlling a number of functions through the mobile phone, in addition to cutting out the modern cars from the key and replacing it with the start button, as the car systems have become dependent on the electrical system that helps in their work, and not completely relying on fuel, thus helping to save fuel consumption significantly.

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