June 15, 2024

Monthly orders of New model Harrier exceeded the annual target

The new Toyota Harrier which was released in June 2020 is unstoppable. The number of
orders has reached over 40,000 within a month from the date of debut in the market with
the 4th ranking in the entire car industry in July. The initial monthly target was 3,000 units
sale when the model was launched though it has turned out to be such a surprising number
of orders has been made within a month. Since there has been unexpected number of
orders, the delivery of the new orders is unpredictable. The popularity is very stable for
SUV models of Toyota in Japan regardless of great economic impact due to Covid-19.
Toyota has been doing a good job during the pandemic with its models occupying 1 st to 4 th
raking in the market in July. By looking at the line up of 4 models in higher orders, 3 models
are targeting at low-end market. Harrier is the only model that is targeting at high-end
market though ranked in the higher order. This fact shows a continuous success and bright
future of this model. Not only Harrier, but RAV4 has also been making a great popularity
since its launching in the market last year.

What makes Toyota SUV so popular?

Toyota does have a lot of line up for each type of models to attract the fans of it. Yet, that is
not the only reason which makes its success. Toyota also does have a strategic plan to
improve all the aspects of models. With its constant improvement of models by minor
changes in an appropriate span, Toyota comes to gain sufficient information and
knowledge to come up with a best performing model when they launch a new model. This
could apply for new Harrier as well. By having several rounds of minor changes with the
last model that was launched in 2013, the New model achieved the best performance
which could gain such a surprising success.