May 24, 2024

Luxury Toyota: Celsior

Article Written By Shudo Negishi

In the late 80’s, Toyota made this luxury car named as Celsior (LS in US) to compete with other makers such as Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz or BMW. It is also known as the largest sedan of Toyota (excluding Toyota Century for chauffeur-driven) and the rival of Nissan Cima, and many popular celebrities like JAY Z also owned this especially during the 90s.

When this model was presented by Toyota, there was a story that many other makers purchased one unit of Celsior to do research about it. Why? The answer is, the TOTAL QUALITY was mostly perfect at that time. Some advantages are shown below, and let’s see how good it was (refer to UC30 model)

The first point is, the luxury interior. Wide space, with sunshade switch, automatic moving air con panels, and has rear seat massage for F package.

The second point is, the exterior. It has a wide trunk, and has air suspension which is more reliable compared to others.

Last but not least, is the “ SILENT V8 ENGINE”. This is the most popular thing about this car. When driving Celsior, you can feel really smooth and comfortable. However, when you step more on the accelerator, you can feel the “real V8”.

Toyota Celsior is still popular around the world. You can also find it in auction houses. If you want a reliable luxury car, why not to try this? Just contact us for any orders.